09B6 - Water Driven Type B Chemical Sprayer w/ 8' Siphon Hose


Type B Chemical Sprayer: Squeeze the handle and Lonn's all purpose Type B goes to work. Squeeze harder- and increase the amount of chemical and water mixture applied. This unit gets the job done easily and quickly. Simply fill the shatterproof plastic quart bottle with powdered or liquid sanitizing agent as prescribed by the manufacturer for one gallon of water then turn on the flow.

Chemical Sprayer w/ 8' Siphon Hose Part Number

  • 09B6 -Sprayer w/ Hose 

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Water Driven Type B Chemical Sprayer w/ 8' Siphon Hose

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You can see the level of chemical agent within the bottle throughout the operation but if all eyes are focused on the spraying action when supplies are depleted, the operator is alerted by a sputtering sound as the bottle empties.

1. Overall length of type B sprayer is 13"
2. Made of stainless steel and nicked plated brass components.
3. Flexible rubber body is manufactured from neoprene base tube and wrapped with 3-ply reinforcement with a temperature range of -40°F to + 150°F and a minimum burst of 360 psi.
4. Includes 8Ft. nitrile rubber siphon hose and QRS adapter
5. Sanitizer has 1/4" NPT female inlets.
6. Siphoned Chemical contacts only with stainless steel


Lonn guarantees their products free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal usage for a period of six months from date of purchase.

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