Here are comments directly from our customers: 

From William in Nashville, TN:
“My best friend has sworn to the quality of his water saver, and tired of buying cheap hose nozzles every year, I looked you up and ordered!”

From S. West:
“My friend received a garden hose nozzle as a gift from a friend who runs a body shop. It’s a phenomenal nozzle…”

From B. O’Neill in Anderson, Al:
“I just wanted you to know that 32 years ago while living in Michigan I acquired a Lonn model Win air saver. It still works perfectly to this day…” I did find you on the internet and this morning I ordered some “Model – Win’s to give to my sons as gifts. If theirs lasts as well as mine, they will undoubtedly have it in their tool boxes for many years to come. Thank you for your excellent design.”

From Jeff & Mar:
“Neighbor has one of your hose attachments, works great. I just googled Lonn MFG, isn’t the web great. Look forward to ordering.”

From H. Conley in Smyrna, Ga:
“I am 72 years and my Mother worked for Genuine Parts (now NAPA) for 33 years. She bought me a water saver nozzle when I was a teenager of about 16. It lasted for 50 years, no joke…”

From Captain T. Vanasse in Northfield, Ct:
“Who sells your products in Connecticut? A few local companies have them and are very happy with them and one is over 10 years old. We need a nozzle for washing the truck that we don’t have to replace every 3 months.”