The Original Water Saver

We made it – others copied it. If it does not say Lonn it is not the original since 1940 MADE IN THE USA. We offer a 6 month warranty and factory customer support 7:00 am-4:00 pm EST.

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Featured Products

Water Saver – Jet Stream

Overall length 8 7/8" All brass fittings with rubber bumpers to prevent scratching if dropped on equipment. Equipped with 3/4" garden hose thread hose connection (standard garden hose connection - USA and European BSP) Hose ends are interchangeable with other model water savers. 05LP and 05MP - designed to withstand water to 150°F on continuous use or 212°F on occasional operation with proper personal protective equipment. For use on normal city or well water pressure. Not for use on boosted water pressure. 05RP and 05SP - for use on cold water only. Max operating pressure for 05RP and 05SP is 72 PSI (7 BAR)

QUAD-T Dairy Teat Sprayer

1. Fine mist hollow cone spray pattern: approximately 7 oz/min @ 30 psi
2. Removable screen for cleaning and clog protection
3. Machined stainless steel spray tip assembly.
4. Stainless steel tube assembly.
5. 4 ply flexible rubber body with stainless valve assembly.
6. 1/4" NPT female thread
7. 10 1/4" overall length

3 In 1 Super Spray

1. Solid machined brass with 4 ply flexible rubber body. 175 PSI max inlet pressure. 2. Air inlet is 1/4" female NPT 3. 3/4" standard garden hose fittings with adjustable ball valve 4. MADE IN USA 5. 3 Ft. Wash Wand cannot be used for siphon mode

Easy to Operate

Air or Liquid

Simply pick it up and flex the rubber nozzle for instant flow control.

Historical Durability


No levers or buttons to fumble with or break. Stainless steel valve assembly will not corrode. Drive over the Air Saver with your vehicle, fork truck or pallet jack and it will still work.

Commercial Quality

Proudly Made in the USA

Machined brass head and molded nitrile rubber. Protects hose end from damage. No messy leaks.

Our Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Look at what our customers are saying.
I have used these nozzles for years they are the best. Yes they are spendy but well worth every penny if you are in any doubt on how well they are just try one and you will see. I have tried others of similar but all fail in comparison to these. I do not work for this company but they are tremendous.
Chris T. Best for the money, well built
Love the product! Best nozzle to use with full flow of water. They last a long time. Had mine now for 10 years and still works like new. Ordered one for a friend.
Patricia B. Great full flow nozzle
Lonn Manufacturing has been making these nozzles for many years. There’re a bit pricey but well worth it. They work great and last forever. I’ve had these in daily use in my shop for years with no air leaking.
Kara L. Very good air nozzles
Neighbor had one of these while camping in the Florida Keys in 1981. I’ve been looking for one since. Just like I remembered. Works perfectly. No leaks. When camping, I attach a Y-shaped connector to the water outlet. One side goes to the camper. The other is connected to this. You can use the water or wash your hands or clean something at the water outlet without having to disconnect something or open/close the valve. Very convenient.
Adam K. Great for camping
Still have my first one from 2001. Great Product. Just needed three more for the farm. There are not many water hose nozzles that you can say you have had for more than 15 years. Very Durable
Adam W. Still have my first one from 2001, just need more for the farm
This thing is impervious!
Scott C. Excellent high quality product that makes home use and business use a snap
These are some of my most prized possessions!!! I got these to replace the ones that I’ve had for some 25 or more years!!! Yeah someone is making a cheaper one but I know how good the original ones are. I’ve been looking for them for years to get more for friends and family but truthfully I’m surprised to see them still in business because once you get one you won’t need to replace it in lifetimes! Thank You for still being the best ever!!!!
bubbadoright This is the real deal
Wow, this water nozzle works great. My brother in law had one and my husband said I needed to buy this so we have one. After using it, I am buying my mom one for Mother’s day. She goes through her water sprayers like crazy. They are always breaking. I think she will like this one much more. You can really control how much water comes out of these and if you let it go, it will automatically stop spraying. I like that you can spray at long distances as well as a a gentle stream. There is much more control with this Water Saver. Who knew a hose could do this?
Linda W. This water nozzle works great
First one I got lasted 15 years bought this as a backup for when my first one gets lost permanently by the kids. This will never break or wear out. from what I can tell. No fancy spray just durable 🙂
Dave S. This a must